spray dried pumpkin powder

Spray dried from the pumpkin puree, well-propotioned and freely flowing powdered products, a little agglomeration is allowed. It provides the maximum color and fla Pvor of fresh pumpkin, more convenient for using than the fresh pumpkin.

Pumpkin → Peeling off → Removing the seed → Cleaning → Heating and pulping → Mixing up → Spray drying → Packing


Pumpkin, Malt-dextrin

Functional properties or advantages and benefits:

Choose the Japanese pumpkin planted in Sinkiang, China, where best adapt to plant the pumpkin because of abundant in sunshine and lack of rain water all year, abundant in more nutrition than the other kinds of pumpkin.

Product standard:

Sensory characteristics Appearance Gloden yellow powder
Sieve Analysis ≧80 mesh
Flavor With the typical flavor of pumpkin
Chemical and physical Moisture(g/100g) ≦6.0
Ash(g/100g) ≦10
Microorganism Total plate count(cfu/g) ≦5000
Coliform(MPN/100g) ≦30
Salmonella(/g) N.D.


Packaging and Storage:

Packaging:20kgs packed in 2 layered plastic bag(thickness:0.08mm), and then packed in Kraft carton (N.W:20kg,G.W:21kg)

Size of carton:480mm×295mm×295mm

Transportation and storage: Please store in rain and wet proof place, can't mix store with the other strong savored goods.

Shelf life:18 months( Please see the production date on the carton)

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