automatic potato chips production line

Brief introduction of automatic potato chips production line

This potato chips production line is mainly composed of potato washing & peeling machine, cutting machine, blanching machine, dehydrator, frying machine, de-oiling machine, flavor machine and packing machine. Apart from making potato chips, French fries, you could also make Frozen French fries (equip with freezer).


The characters of automatic potato chips production line

1) The potato chips production line is made up of stainless steel, durable and healthy. 

2) According to your capacity we have semi-automatic and fully automatic processing line for your choice. 

3) Apart from using potato as material, you could also use other food as well, such as sweet potato, banana, taros, apple, carrot and other kinds of taros

4) Multipurpose cutting machine, able to cut potatoes to slice or bar shape, and you could adjust the thickness and size of them. 

5) Advanced frying machine, highly increasing the using life of oil, saving energy.

6) Easy operation, high output and good production effect.

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