Step Shaft

Step Shaft
Process: EAF + LF + VD + Forged + Heat Treatment (optional)
Delivery condition: Hot forged +Rough machined (black surface after Q/T)+ Turned (optional)
Delivery Time: 20-45 days
Heat treatment: Normalized / Annealed / Quenched / tempered
Technical Data: According to the customer's requirement of Chemical Composition, Physical Properties and Mechanical Testing
Test: Ultrasonic test according to SEP 1921-84 G3 C/c
Payment: 30% advance by TT; Balance pay before the shipment against shipping documents or irrevocable LC at sight
Application: Statically and dynamically stressed components for vehicles, engines and machines. For parts of larger cross-sections, crankshafts, gears.
1. Delivery Condition: Hot Rolled, Forged, Cold Drawn or Cold Rolled.
2. Surface: Black/peeled/grinding/rough machined(turned&milled)/ finish machining can be provided.
3. Heat Treatment: Annealing, Normalizing, Q/T(Quenching and Tempering), Pre-Hardening etc. Can be done according to steel grade and customer's requirements.

Step Shaft
20Mn2-50Mn2 SMn420-SMn443 1320-1345 20Mn5-50Mn7
15Cr SCr415 5115 17Cr3
20Cr SCr420 5120 17Cr3
30Cr SCr430 5130 28Cr4
35Cr SCr435 5135 34Cr4
40Cr SCr440 5140 41Cr4
45Cr SCr445 5145 -
50Cr - 5150 -
15CrMo SCM415 - 15CrMo5
20CrMo SCM420 4118 -
30CrMo SCM430 4130 25CrMo4
35CrMo SCM435 4135 34CrMo4
42CrMo SCM440 4140 42CrMo4
15CrMn - 5115 16MnCr5
20CrMn SMnC420 5120 20MnCr5
20CrMnTi - - -
38CrMoAl SACM645 - -
60Si2MnA SUP6/SUP7 9260 61SiCr7/1.7108
55CrMnA/60CrMnA SUP9/SUP9A 5155/5160 55Cr3/1.7176
50CrVA SUP10 6150 51CrV4/1.8159
60Si2CrA - 9254 54SiCr6/1.7102
GCr15 - 52100 100Cr6
20CrMnMo(H) SCM421(H) 4119 -
40CrMnMo SCM440 4142 42CrMo4
20CrNi-50CrNi SNC236 4720 -
12CrNi2 SNC415 4320 10NiCr5-4
20CrNiMo SNCM220 8620 21NiCrMo2
34CrNiMo - - 34CrNiMo6
40CrNiMo SNCM439 4340 36CrNiMo4


Tool Steel
Cold Work Tool Steel
Cr12 D3 X120Cr12 (1.2080) SKD1 XW-5
Cr12MoV D2 X165CrMoV12(1.2601) SKD11 -
Cr12Mo1V1 D2 X155CrVMo12-1(1.2379) SKD11 DF-2
9CrWMn O1 95MnWCr5(1.2510) SKS3 -
Cr5Mo1V A2 X100CrMoV5-1(1.2363) SKD12 -
9Mn2V O2 90MnCrV8(1.2842) - -
CrWMn - 105WCr6(1.2419) SKS31 -
9SiCr - 90CrSi5(1.2108) - 2092
6CrW2Si - 60WCrV7(1.2500) - -
Hot Work Tool Steel
4Cr5MoSiV H11 X38CrMoV5-1(1.2343) SKD6 -
4Cr5MoSiV1 H13 X40CrMoV5-1(1.2344) SKD61 8407
3Cr2W8V H21 X30WCrV9-3(1.2581) SKD5 -
5CrMnMo 6G 40CrMnMo7(1.2311) SKT3 -
5CrNiMo L6 55NiCrMoV6(1.2713) SKT4 -
4Cr3Mo3SiV H10 X40CrMoV12-28(1.2365) SKD7 -
Plastic Mould Steel
3Cr2Mo P20 35CrMo7(1.2312) - 618
3Cr2NiMo P20+Ni 40CrMnNiMo8-6-4(1.2378) - 718
4Cr13 420SS X40Cr14(1.2083) J2 -
3Cr17Mo - X36CrMo17(1.2316) - -
1Ni3Mn2CuAlMo  (PMS) - - NAK80 -


Bearing Steel
Full hardening bearing steel Induction quenching bearing steel Carburized bearing steel
Grade 3
Grade 24


HighSpeed Steel
W18Cr4V T1 S18-0-1(1.3355) SKH2
W6Mo5Cr4V2 M2 S6-5-2(1.3343) SKH51
W12Cr4V5Co5 T15 S12-1-4-5 (1.3202) SKH10
W18Cr4VCo5 T4 S18-1-2-5 (1.3255) SKH3
W6Mo5Cr4V3 M3-1 SC6-5-2 SKH52
CW6Mo5Cr4V3 M3-2 S6-5-3 (1.3344) SKH53
W2Mo9Cr4VCo8 M42 S2-10-1-8 (1.3247) SKH59


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