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Hydraulic brick machine maintenance seven
Hydraulic brick machine maintenance measures , I hope for your help.

1 , hydraulic brick machine equipment , such as long-term storage when not in regular use , it should be cleaned and coated with anti-rust oil properly preserved .
Will damage the gauge 2, gauge switch is in the long-term open state, so the pressure is adjusted gauge switch should be closed .
3 , the fuel tank seal replaced once every six months .
4 , hydraulic brick machine equipment before use each boot , you should empty load operation for 2-5 minutes , low winter temperatures , it takes longer , the machine according to this time should be empty after the load operation can work .
5 , once the fastening bolts should be tightened class liquid PRESS various parts of the pump and bracket, solenoid valve , solenoid valve and connecting pipe joints and columns should pay attention to the tightening nut .
6 , liquid PRESS cleanup work to do , after the end of each class should be liquid PRESS workbench and various parts of the falling debris , dust cleaned. Under no circumstances should measures rain cover to avoid being poured liquid PRESS , templates, clean water , scrub the mold coated with anti-rust oil for the next use.
7 , should pay attention to the fuel tank <a href="">sand brick making machine</a> be cleaned once every three months to work inside the tank filter is damaged, if they are damaged should be replaced immediately , when there is no damage to wash it clean, but also to deal with hydraulic oil clarification and filtration . Temperature changes with the seasons to replace the hydraulic oil.

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