Pipe Heater

1,Voltage and power according to your requirement.
2,It is useful for hot runner mould, plastic injection, plastic extruder machine etc.
3,Thermocouple type k/j/e can be attached.
4,1 year guarantee time.
5. ISO9001:2000 CE
6.Copper possess good heat conducting function. Insert the heater into copper, interface will be inlarged, equal heating, and function be doubled,there isn't any difference in temperature.
it applys to the plastics which is sensitive to temperature and have a bad liquidity. it is a steady ,permanent heating element.(TDJ)
7.Balanced heating,different from traditional way-heaterdirectly touch with nozzle body , Applying minor thick steel tube as heating media ,the heating area enlarged greatly , so the temperature difference in body can be controllered well and the balanced temperature in the runner can be guaranteed.(WDJ)


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