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Vegetables fresh storage can prolong the storage period of fruits and vegetables, generally 0.5-1 times longer than ordinary cold storage, storage them to the most expensive price for sale, which can obtain the highest profit. It can keep vegetables fresh and brittle. For the vegetables out of fresh storage, they can meet the requirements of storage in moisture, content of vitamin C, hardness, color, and weight, supplied to the market with high quality. It can also suppress the occurrence of diseases and insect pests of vegetables, minimize weight loss and diseases and insect pests damage. The vegetable fresh stroage is relatively advanced freshing facility at home and abroad.

Vegetables Fresh Storage Feature:
1. wide range of application: iti is suitable for all kinds of vegetable fresh-keeping
2. long refreshing time, fresh as before, high economic benefit.
3. The vegetables fresh storage has simple operation and convenient maintenance. 
4. The refrigeration equipment takes temperature control by microcomputer, auto power on and off, without need of specialist care, the matching technology economical and practical
5. Reasonable design, reliable quality, the service life up to 30 years.

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All supplier products

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