SAMSUNG CP 8mm Feeder

SAMSUNG CP 8mm Feeder

others SAMSUNG CP 8mm 12mm 16mm 24mm 32mm 44mm Original new and Used Feeder .

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 we supply  Samsung machines and spare parts for long time,like feeders,nozzles,drivers,servo motors, boards etc

Our product lists are as follow:

 Samsung feeder: CP series Feida,CP8 * 2MM CP8 * 4MM CP12MM CP16MM CP24MM, CP32MM CP44MM CP56MM;CP the vibration FeiDa , IC tray. CP FeiDa placed car with a large number of feeder parts. Binder cover, reels, inside cover, cover, beak, spring, Pin.;SM family FeiDa, SM8 * 2MM SM8 * 4MM  SM16MM SM24MM 32MM SM44MM SM ;the vibration FeiDa; the IC tray SM FeiDa placed car

 Samsung nozzle:CN nozzle: CN030 CN030S CN040, CN065, CN140, CN220, CN400 CN400N CN750 ; CP45 nozzle: TN040, TN065, TN140, TN220 ,TN750 ;CP40 nozzle: N045 N080 

correction nozzle: SM431 SM421 SM321 SM320 

 Samsung Board: SP400II CPU Board ,CAN CONVEROR BOARD ASSY J9060063E  

 Samsung driver: 

 Samsung motor: CP45 J6701028A AIR CYLINDER 

 If your demandings are not in,please tell me their ID ,I would give you details about them.

if you have interested,pls contact us

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