P/N: 157274, 520mm 193205
        157382, 400mm 193202
        157387, 300mm 193199


DEK REAR / FRONT SQUEEGEE MOTOR (squeegee to the upper and lower motor) 155806/155804 


DEK ACTUATOR LEADSCREW ASSY (DEK Wang Xiao positive screw steel) 158472 


DEK CPU CARD 159224/160992/181009 




DEK I Series PC control box 191 022/191 543 


Wipe the cylinder DEK DEK CYLINDER 165675 


DEK baffle cylinder DEK CYLINDER 183961/193377 


DEK DEK CYLINDER 107850 baffle cylinder 


DEK CLAMPER (board clip, clip-side fixture, clamp side) 5157438/137516 (500mm) / 178031 (250mm) 


DEK edge clip holder BOARD CLAMP (TXT) 119203 


DEK Squeegee Assembly (DEK265 rub strips squeegee) 157 379/157 382/157 274 


DEK STOP slider 113,080 


DEK 1394 signal lines 193 408 


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