FUJI NXT FEEDERS(old type and new type):


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 we supply  FUJI machines and spare parts for long time,like feeders,nozzles,drivers,servo motors, boards etc

Our product lists are as follow:

 FUJI feeder: FUJI NXT FEEDERS ,FUJI NXT 8MM FEEDER ,NXT 12mm Feeder , NXT 24mm Feeder ,NXT 32mm Feeder ,NXT 44mm feeder ,QP242 72mm feeder ,CP6 8mm 0.7,1.0,1.3mm Feeder ,IP3 12mm 16mm electric Feeder ,IP&QP&XP 44MM electric feeder ,CP6 12*12mm Mechanical Feeder ,CP6 24*16mm Mechanical Feeder ,CP-6 8mm x 4mm paper 13" AWCA-9000 

 FUJI nozzle:  FUJI ABHPN6705 nozzle QP2 17.5G , NXT 0.4mm AA05603 NOZZLE ,XP142 NOZZLE S018 ADNPN8256 ,IP3 NOZZLE 0.7 AQNA3110 ,IP3 NOZZLE 10.0 AQNA3180 ,IP3 NOZZLE 2.5 AQNA3150 ,IP3 NOZZLE 7.0 AQNA3300 , CP6 nozzles 

 FUJI Board: IMG-P PWB ASM.E86107210A0 ,COGNEX 4800 VME-48108-00F-G Vision Board  ,CP642 CP643 QP242 CPU CARD K2089T HIMV-134 

 FUJI driver: CP6 FQ&FRQ Axis Driver DR1B-01AC 

 FUJI  motor:IP3 MOTOR SAM1230 Model:USAREM-01CFJ33 ,CP7 CYLINDER MCHA7-25-12-L23 ,CP643 CAMERA XC-75 

 If your demandings are not in,please tell me their ID ,I would give you details about them.

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