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Cangyingfen Sex Medicines
[Feature]: white crystalline powder, odorless, tasteless, soluble in various types of drinks quickly, reacts quickly after drinking.
[Response]: Ms. rapidly after a few minutes after drinking effect, noodles reddish, shortness of breath, deep body heat, body soft drunk.
[Mechanism]: fly cake powder is water soluble drug, can stimulate the brain controls the central regulation of nerve excitability, secretion of human sex organs have more control on the role of chemical nitric oxide, resulting in male and female genitals are fully relaxation of smooth muscle quickly congestion, access to state of excitement.



Has aphrodisiac excitement, enhance sexual desire effect.
[Effects]: the female sexual nerves, frigidity, lack of sexual desire, orgasm good sex life is no improvement in the role, and medicine for the treatment of female frigidity. Fly female aphrodisiac powder, after taking a few minutes, the female vagina itching, thigh dumb, heart rate, lower body secretions increase. By the U.S. FDA clinical testing and long-term measure, the product does not contain any hormones and mental paralysis ingredients, long-term use, non-toxic, non-addictive, no side effects, safe and reliable.Effectively stimulate the female libido, female sex has some improvement; make married life more harmonious.
[Secondary effect]: the effect of a kidney.
[Recommended Usage]: one time 500mg; different demand could be according to individual differences.

[Specifications]: 4packs/box
[Content]: 90.5% or more
[Indications]: female sex.
[Shelf Life] :2-3 years

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