CRI tester

CRI tester.

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Diesel Nozzle S
Diesel Nozzle S Diesel Nozzle S.
BOSCH VP44 pump
BOSCH VP44 pump BOSCH VP44 pump.
 CRI tester
CRI tester CRI tester.
 Nozzle Tester S60H
Nozzle Tester S60H It is used to adjust and calibrate the injection nozzle opening pressure and to carry out leakage, spray pattern and chatter characteristic tests.I...
Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Test BenchTST-C
Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Test BenchTST-C 1.Motor power:.5.5,7.5,11,15,18.5,22kw 2.Power supply voltage:415,380,220v 3.Power supply frequency:50/60 HZ 4.Protection level:IP54 5.Speed range:...
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