SC(B) epoxy resin cast dry transformer

SC(B) epoxy resin cast dry transformer

1)Low loss and low noise
2)Conform to the IEC standard
3)highly withstands short-circuit and lightning impact

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Our SC(B) series epoxy resin cast dry transformer is cast under vacuum with thin insulating bands automatically . The core is made of high-permeable grain-orientated silicon sheet and cast with imported epoxy resin. Thanks to advanced technology, quality raw materials , scientific management, and perfect inspection means ,our products have the following features:
The coil is reinforced with glass fiber and cast under vacuum with filler epoxy resin. It has good mechanical properties, is free of crack and inner bubble and has low local discharge, high reliability, and long service life.
The high-and low-voltage systems are cast under vacuum, thus the coil will not absorb moisture; the clamps of core are subjected to corrosion-resistant treatment and it may run under high temperature or other serious environments.
Flame retardancy , explosion-proof and no environmental contamination. The insulating materials in the coil such as glass fiber are self-extinguishing and they will not cause fire by the arc resulted from short-circuit . The resin will not generate toxic or harmful gas under high temperature.
Gas duct is embedded inside it to enhance the radiation power and over-load capacity.
Low loss and low noise. The core is lapped with 45 full-miter and the step-type lamination effectively improves distribution of magnetic flux at core corners, and greatly reduces the no-load loss and the nose level.
It highly withstands short-circuit and lightning impact.
Small in volume, light in weight, safe in running and free of maintenance.
As per users’ requirements the transformer may be provided with casing and blower fan.

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