Samsung SM421/SM320/SM321 SM 24mm Feeder

Samsung SM421/SM320/SM321 SM 24mm Feeder



We have Samsung CP and SM Machine Smt feeder(original new ,original used and copy ne),If you have interest please contact us,Thanks



Samsung CP 8*2mm Feeder


Samsung CP 8*4mm Feeder




Samsung CP 12mm Feeder


Samsung CP 16mm Feeder


Samsung CP 24mm Feeder


Samsung CP 32mm Feeder


Samsung CP 44mm Feeder


Samsung CP 56mm Feeder


Samsung SM 8*2mm Feeder


Samsung SM 8*4mm Feeder




Samsung SM 12mm Feeder


Samsung SM 16mm Feeder


Samsung SM 24mm Feeder


Samsung SM 32mm Feeder


Samsung SM 44mm Feeder


Samsung SM 56mm Feeder


Samsung Stick feeders(brand new)

SM series feeders:8*4MM 20 PCS,8*2MM

SM321 FEEDER:12/16/24MM 30PCS

SM321stick feeder:10 pcs

And some CP45/CP40 lasers,MARK camera

(XC-ST50),Fixed camera with broad,

Board(VME,MARK3,axis card),belt,mirror,holders and feeder spare parts.




if you need, please advise us your P/N,thanks in advance.

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