Natural Max slimming dietary supplement

Product Description:

Natural Max slimming diet (dietary) supplement come with modern technology, it is made of the extracts from the plants growing in Yunnan, the kingdom of green vegetation, which is effective for slimming and beauty and has been used for thousands of years.


It contains:

The plant (extract) which make people feel full and thus restrain the apptite, for example: Sweet potato fiber, cyamoposis gum, amor phallus konjac (extact from giant arum and Jerusalem artichoke), alfalfa, etc.

The plant(extract) can reduce fat inside the body, such as Tuckahoe, kola, guttiferae plant, Coleus Scutellarioides, Guarana marumi kumquat, Triginella foenum and so on.



Slimming by natural plants, safe and free of side effects.

No rebound, No diarrhea.

Slimming Range: Only the parts needed.


Applicable For: For simply obesity, post-partum fat, and people who want to keep fit at the age of 16-65 years old.


Not Applicable For: Woman in pregnancy and patients of cardis-vasal disease and apoplexy. All natural products may cause irritation, in this case, you should stop using product.


Specification: 350mg/capsule, 25 capsules/bottle, 2 bottles/box

Usage & Dosage: Once a day, 1 capsule a time. (Half hour before or after breakfast)


Shelf Period: 24 months

Storage: Store in cool (room temperature), dry and dark condition

Approval Code: KWSZZ [2006] No. 03-0240

Standard Employed: Q/KL2004-02


Notice: Lower MOQ, Semi-finished weight loss products and raw material, private label, OEM&ODM service with best price are all available here. As one of the most professional GMP manufacturers in China, we can satisfy all your requirements here.




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