CNJ-2A PLC Punching machine

CNJ-2APLC high speed automatic PLC punch machine,it adopts PLC control system.Feeding system is controlled by Omron servomotor and imported high precision ball screw as well as linear guide,balanced move and precision moving distance(positioning accuracy is less than 0.10mm).It adopts professional ultrasensitive opto-electrical recognizer to read the register marks to make the position reliable and precise,also low noise、large flow made in Taiwan hydraulic pump.The die of hydraulic cylinder is dieing smoothly and steady,also low noise.The mould is made by imported die steel.The software function is strong and insure punch precision even in the situation of material distortion or mechanism worn.The punch capacity is 30% higher than the similar products.It adopts two moulds to punch,so it is suitable for the medium range card making factories.

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