Alnico6 ring,diametrally magnetized.super accurate.  Alnico alloys basically consist of aluminum, nickel, cobalt, copper, iron and titanium. In some grades cobalt and/or titanium are omitted. the alloys may contain additions of silicon, columbium, zirconium or other elements which enhance heat treatment response of one of the magnetic characteristics.                    

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FeCrCoMo Characteristics: Has similar Alnico5 magnets performance.  Can be machined by drilling, milling, grinding, punching and so on.  Can be ma...
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Cast Alnico Alcomax3 AlNiCo permanent magnets have been made from alloys of aluminum, nickel and cobalt with iron. Alnico and alcomax are two of the trade names of such...
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Alnico Magnets Cast Alnico 5 is the most commonly used of all the cast Alnico magnets. This material is used extensively in rotating machinery, meters, instrument...
Sm2Co17 Applications of Samarium Cobalt Magnets Computer disc drives Sensors Traveling wave tubes Linear actuators Satellite systems Motors where temporary...
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Alnico Pot Magnet Alnico Shallow Pot with red paint  Alnico Shallow Pot is our recommended product. We,SENS Magnetic Products, Inc is an Alnico Shallow Pot and ...
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