DSHD-1792 Mercaptan Sulfur Tester

A:Brief description:     DSHD-1792 Mercaptan Sulfur Tester is made according the national standard GB/T1792-88 Distillate fuels-Determination of mercaptan sulfur-Potentiometric titration method.

DSHD-1792 Mercaptan Sulfur Tester is composed of PHS-3C PH meter, 95-1 magnetic stirrer and support device.

Its function is to determine the mercaptan sulfur in jet fuel, gasoline, kerosene and light diesel without hydrothion, and the content is within the range of 0.0003~0.01%(m/m).     Interferences will appear when elemental sulfur is over 0.0005%(m/m) 

B:Technical parameters

DSHS-3C PH meter1. Grade of instrument: 0.01 2. Measurement range  PH:(0~14.00)PH                     MV:(0~±1999)mV(automatically polarity display)                     Temp:(0~100.0)℃ 3. Minimum display unit: 0.01pH,1mV,0.1℃ 4. Compensated temperature range:(0~60)℃ 5. Basic error of electronic unit :PH:±0.01pH                           MV:±0.1%FS 6. Basic error of instrument:pH:±0.02pH±1word                Temp:±0.5℃±1word 7. Incoming current of electronic unit: ≤ 2×10-12A 8. Input resistance of electronic unit:≥1×1012Ω 9. Compensated temperature error:±0.01pH 10. Repeatability error of electronic unit :PH: ≤ 0.01pH                      MV: ≥ 1mV 11. Repeatability error of instrument: ≤ 0.01pH 12. Stability of electronic unit: ±0.01pH±1word/3h 13. Overall dimension:290mm×210mm×95mm 14. Weight:1.5kg 15. Working condition:    a) Ambient temperature:(5~40)℃     b) Relative humidity: ≤85%    c) Power supply: AC(220±22)V,(50±0.5)Hz     d) No obvious vibration     e) No external magnetic field interference except earth magnetic field

95-1 magnetic stirrer1. Power supply:AC220V±10%  50Hz 2. Working mode:Continuously 3. Maximum stirring capacity:2000ml 4. Heating power: Step-less adjustable within 300W 5. Rotation speed: (20~1200)r/min 6. Electric motor torque:7.6mm/V.m 7. Temperature controlling accuracy: ±1℃ 8. Temperature controlling range :room temperature +5℃~100℃ 9. Timing range: (20~1200)min 10. Reversing time: (5~30)s 11. Overall dimension:230mm×150mm×130mm(The bar is not included) Burette:10mL,scale division is 0.05mL

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