DSHD-265D-1 Kinematic Viscometer

A:Brief description:

     DSHD-265D-1 Kinematic Viscometer is applied to determine the kinematic viscosity of liquid petroleum products (Newton liquid) under a fixed temperature environment as per GB/T 265 Standard Test Method for Kinematic Viscosity and Calculation Method for Dynamic Viscosity of Petroleum Products and ASTM D445.B:Technical  advantages

  1.The instrument is a kind of specially-made testing machine which the temperature control accuracy can reach ±0.01℃ and having digital display.   2.It adopts hard glass vessel and heat preservation cover(double-layer vessel).Good heat prevention and easy to observe the sample.   3.It adopts desktop and all-in-one machine design,convenient to use.   4.It adopts electric stirrer to ensure the uniform of bath temperature.


C:Technical specifications and parameters   1.Power supply: AC 220 ± 10 %  50 Hz.   2.Heating power: Auxiliary heater: 1000 W; Temperature Control heater: 600 W.   3.Power for stirrer: 6W, rotating speed:1200RPM   4.Temperature range: ambient~100 ℃.   5.Temperature control accuracy: ±0.01℃.   6.Timer: 0.0s~999.9s   7.Constant temperature bath: 20L, double layer.   8.Ambient temperature: -10℃~+35℃   9.Relative humidity: ≤85%   10.Total power consumption: not higher than 1800W.   11.Capillary viscometer: 7 pieces in total. The inner diameters are 0.6, 0.8,1.0, 1.2,  1.5, 2.0 and 2.5mm   12.Overall dimension: 530mm*400mm*670mm(water bath is included)



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