Fiberglass (GRP) Septic Tanks

Hengxing GRP Septic tanks are strong, durable, non corrosive and highly soils chemicaFiberglass (GRP) Septic Tanksl ingredients resistance, scientifically, household waste and human refuse are not just passive waste as one thinks, but prove to be very strong corrosive chemicals under the temperature and condition underground, in nutshell, sulphur compounds present in sewage are reduced to hydrogen sulphuric acid in a few hours, in such cases, it is now only GRP which can withstand such conditions.

Hengxing GRP Septic Tanks are manufacture using international standard, best quality Isophatalic polyester resin approved by Lloyd’s register, UK and using best quality fiberglass reinforcements confirming to BS 3749.

GPR Septic Tanks has the following advantages
  • Easy to handle and install.
  • Light in weight.
  • Easy to repair.
  • Non corrosive.
  • Good weathering quality.


Diemensions of Septic Tanks





15000 USG 1250 CM 240 CM 255 CM


10000 USG 1012 CM 240 CM 255 CM


5000 USG 505 CM 240 CM 255 CM


3000 USG 490 CM 190 CM 210 CM


2000 USG 380 CM 180 CM 190 CM


1500 USG 270 CM 180 CM 190 CM


1000 USG 190 CM 180 CM 190 CM


800 USG 210 CM 150 CM 160 CM


600 USG 165 CM 150 CM 157 CM


400 USG 145 CM 127 CM 117 CM


250 USG 132 CM 101 CM 115 CM


200 USG 117 CM 100 CM 102 CM

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