Cosmetics Emulsifying Machine

KPZ-50L Cream Emulsifying Mixer

I. Introduction of KPZ-50L emulsifying mixer

Vacuum emulsifying machine is an ideal option to produce high-grade skin care products, pharmacy ointment, and many other kinds of creams which need to be very soft and smooth. It has the functions of heating, mixing, scraping, rotating at different speeds and vacuum supply. It has a very wide application from cosmetics (skin cream, hair gel, lotion ect) and food (jam, chocolate, sauces ect) to pharmacy (ointment, syrup, paste) and chemicals(painting, adhesives, detergents)

The machine is mainly made up of oil tank, water tank, vacuum homogeneous tank (main tank), heating system, mixing system, vacuum system, electric lifting system, operation control cabinet and piping system.

Structure: Emulsifying boiler, water boiler, oil water boiler, heating system, cooling system, electrical control system

Mix method: scraper, stirring, homogenizing,

Capacity: 50L

Voltage: 380V

Power: 12Kw

Size: mix boiler - 1400mm*600mm*1950mm~2500mm

Water boiler and oil water boiler - 950mm*550mm*1000mm

Certificate: CE,ISO

Warranty: 12 months

II. Features:

1. High emulsifying performance, fine materials

2. Air free, no bubbles

3. Aseptic and sanitary, no blind angles and easy to clean

4. Simple and steady operation

5. Automatic lifting and heating system, automatic dumping

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