bipolar stepper motor driver CF2068D

CF2068D 2-phase stepper motor driver<> CF2068D is a cost effective, high performance bi-polar 2-phase micro-stepper drive applying pure-sinusoidal current control technique. It is best suited for the applications that desired extreme low noise and heat. It operates well in an environment where electricity supply experience instability and fluctuation. The general pure-sinusoidal current control technology adopted by majority of the drive produced distorted sine wave, and current ripple, resulting in vibration, noise and motor heating. This results in motor degrading over time, reducing in motor performance and shortens the usage life. With an automatic optimization speed control technique, the power step series drive output is very stable, with almost zero vibration and noise, performing close to a servo system, allowing the motor to operate smoothly. That helps to fulfill a design requirement of low noise, low heat and high performance. Key Features 24 to 110VDC(60-80VAC) supply voltage H-Bridge, 2-phase Bi-polar Micro-stepping Drive Suitable for 2-phase, 4,6and8 leads step motors, with Nema size23 to 42 Output current seledtable from 2.5~6A peak Current reduction by 50% automatically, when motor standstill mode is enabled Maximum steps for 40000 steps Over Voltage, Coil to Coil and Coil to ground short dircuit protection

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