Chitosan sellers steroids powder
Product name: Chitosan
CAS NO.: 9012-76-4
Molecular Formula: C6H11NO4X2
Molecular Weight: 161.16
Packaging: 25kg/drum
Appearance: faintly beige solid
Produce: Add 20g chitin to 300ml NaOH solution with purity 50%, then heat it for 1.5h at 95℃ after the chitin completely infiltrated in the solution, after that, filter it to lye and then wash to neutral. Finally, we get colorless and transparent sheet Chitosan 15.6g in low tempetature and dry condition.
1. Used for antistaling agent and thickener.
2. It is a kind of natural, non-toxic antistaling agent, floculating agent in the food industry. And it can adsorb acdmium, mercury, copper ion, and other heavy metals from water.
3. Used as treatment, precipitating agent in industrial waste water or urban sewage.
4. Used for pickled products, baking products, bread, oily food and so on. It can form a transparent semipermeable membrane on the surface of the acidic matetial, so it can keep it from going mouldy.

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