Wild Chrysantyemum Flower P.E

Wild Chrysantyemum Flower P.E
Product Name: Wild Chrysantyemum Flower P.E
English or Latin name: Dendranthema Flower Extract
Product Specification: 10:1
Packing specifications: 25kg / cardboard drum
Products chemical properties:
For the Compositae Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum indicum L. capitulum yellow brown powder extract.
Chemical composition containing volatile oil, the oil containing chrysanthemum alcohol (chrysol), the chrysanthemum ketone (chrysanthenone), alpha-pinene, camphor, borneol, camphene, etc., still containing wild chrysanthemum lactone (yejunualactone), wild chrysanthemum prime A (artoglasin -A), the locust glycosides (acaciin) of Menghua glycosides (linarin), chrysanthemum glycosides, luteolin prime.
Attending functions qingrejiedu. For boils carbuncle swollen, red eyes and throat, headache and dizziness.
Traits inflorescence spherical, diameter 0.3 ~ 1cm, brownish yellow. The involucre bracts from 4 to 5 layers. A ray florets, yellow, wrinkled curl; tubular flowers majority, deep yellow. Light body. Gas aromatic, bitter taste.

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