Schisandra Extract

Schisandra Extract
Name: Schisandra Extract
Plant Latin Name: Fructus Schisandrae
Physical and chemical properties:
pale yellow or brown powder irregular spherical diameter of 5 ~~ 8 mm. The surface red, purple or dark red, wrinkled, significantly oily, sometimes visible "frost". Soft pulp containing seeds 1 to 2. Seeds kidney-shaped, long 4 ~ 5mm, 3mm, wide surface yellow-brown, shiny seed coat is hard and brittle, with pale yellow endosperm, rich oily. Pulp micro gas, Pickle, broken seed aroma, spicy and slightly bitter.
Schisandra fruit contains a volatile oil. The main ingredients of the oil citral (Citral) the the α-ylang alkenyl (α-ylangene), α-Qiami alkenyl (α-chamigrene)] the β-Qiami ene (β-chamigerene) and Qiami aldehyde (chamigrenal) . Yet sugary, benzoic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid, arginine, vitamin C, etc.
Uses: pharmaceutical / health food

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