Chemical name: 9 (10H)-Anthracenone, 10-β-Dglucopyranosyl-1, 8-dihydroxy-3-(hydroxymethyl)-, (R)-
Purity: > 98%
Product Categories:Natural Plant Extract;Plant extract
Physical properties:
Yellow or light yellow crystalline powder. M p: 148 ~ 149degree(ethanol), a hydrate melting point of 70 to 80 oC. [α] D +21 ° (water), [α] D - 8.3 °. Slight the aloes odor, bitter taste.
Chemical properties:
Soluble in pyridine, was dissolved in glacial acetic acid, formic acid, acetone, methyl acetate, and ethanol, etc., were dissolved in 130 parts of water.
source: the dicotyledons Liliaceae Aloe vera Aloe vera L, Cape Aloe Aloe ferox Mill markings aloe extract.
Pharmacological effects with sterilization, laxative, cardiac and blood circulation, protect the liver, reduce weight, immune and regeneration, immune and anti-tumor effect, detoxification, Liver heat, laxative effect; cosmetic effect: nutritional moisturizing, promoteskin metabolism, anti-inflammatory sterilization, sunscreen anti-inflammatory, bleaching, lifting sclerosis, keratosis, anti-acne, freckle, the acne, anti-wrinkle, improve scars, and hair and prevent hair loss.

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