CBNumber: CB3353251
English name: Salidroside
By name:RHODIOLOSIDE;SALIDROSIDE;beta-d-glucopyranoside,2-(4-hydroxyphenyl)ethyl;glucopyranoside,p-hydroxyphenethyl;rhodosin;2-(4-HYDROXYPHENYL)ETHYL-BETA-D-GLUCOPYRANOSIDE;TWEEN 20 EXTRA PURE;SALIDROSIDE 98+% BY HPLC
MF: C14H20O7
MW: 300.3
CAS: 10338-51-9
MOL: Mol file
Related categories: herbal ingredients; pharmaceutical intermediates; natural products; plant extracts; active substances; Plant Oils, Toxins, Phenolic Number of Acids & Derivatives; Nutritional Supplements; Functional Products; Plant extract
To enhance immunity Rhodiola extract by improving the immune system of the T-cell immune leaving to return to normal. Enhance accumulate into the body of the infection gradually developed poison resistance. Eliminate feelings of depression Rhodiola is to enhance people's mental state, as those who live in countries prolonged month cycle, and can not get enough sunlight medicine valuable and season. Cardiovascular protection Rhodiola extract will ease the pressure due to cardiovascular tissue damage and dysfunction, and to prevent the decline in cardiac contractility secondary ambient pressure and help stabilize the shrinkage in the frozen state

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