Melanostatine-5, Nonapeptide-1

Melanostatine-5, Nonapeptide-1
Nine amino acid whitening nonapeptides, mainly used for skin lightening and whitening cream.
By inhibiting the MC-1, reduce melanin production, prevent excessive production of melanin

The last stage in the production of cosmetics can be added to suppress melanin solution, prepared temperature below 40 ºC. Inhibiting melanin concentration of the solution is based on the final recommendations 1 to 5% of the content of the final product, in order to obtain significant whitening activity
Peptide; polypeptides; polypeptides beauty; beauty peptide; protein / polypeptide
Storage: Keep in cool and dry place, away from light

2, more details:
Storage and shelf life
WKPep®Whitenin (inhibiting melanin) solution must be stored in a cool, dark and clean place to ensure that at least 12 months of shelf life. Long-term storage, it is recommended to store at 4 ºC, the shelf life can be extended to at least 24 months.

Clinical efficacy
32 subjects between the ages of 33-55 years old, have a dark skin spots at least twice a day containing
56 days, 100% of the subjects color brightness enhancement, reduce pigmentation fades, color upgrade.

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