Oat Extract

Alias: Oat (Avena sativa) Extract, Powder or Flour; Allergenic extracts; Oat extract
Molecular Formula: C25H31F3O5S
Molecular Weight: 500.5708

CAS NO.:84012-26-0
[Medicinal Properties]:
In traditional medicine, oat Extract is used in various forms (liquid extracts, tinctures, and teas being the most popular) to treat a number of ailments, including arthritis and rheumatism; it's also taken as a diuretic tea to combat fluid retention. It is a concentrated source of silica (silicon dioxide), which among dozens of other functions is key to the development of healthy skin, hair, nails, and bones.
Some sources also recommend oat straw for treating shingles, herpes infections, and addictions. In Europe today, herbalists and alternative health practitioners prescribe oat extracts and tinctures as nerve tonics for weakened constitutions, for example. Many regard it as an excellent tonic for the whole body, and valuable for bolstering physical and emotional fatigue, from mild insomnia to anxiety. While the herb has been popular for these uses, there have been no clinical studies to verify these effects. Oat straw soundest reputation by far is as a topical remedy for irritated and inflamed dry skin

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