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Mobile: Plant netting, widely used as agricultural netting,greenhouse netting and garden netting, applies on plant support netting, shade netting, windbreak netting, anti-bird netting and anti-insect net.
Plant support netting is applied to support the vine plants growing and climbing on the net, material in 100% PP with UV protection, colors in green, white, or transparent. The size of opening mesh 15*17cm, and the rolling size could be 1m*1000m, 1.7m*1000m, 2m*1000m.
Shade netting is also the windbreak netting or anti hail net, which applies to agricultural cultivation for vegetables, fungus plants, flowers, aquaculture, etc, with advantages of shading and heat preservation, also moisture preservation, and with the quality of strong stretching resistance, radiation resistance and corrosion resistance. This shade net provides shade against sunlight and to control temperature, in meanwhile, this also named windbreak netting or anti hail net can also protect plants against frost, wind and hail damage, and also can be used for temporary fencing, packaging applications, greenhouse covering. Material in HDPE with UV protection, colors can be in black, green, white, etc. for shade rate 30%~95%, and long using.
The aluminum foil shade screen or shade thermal screen used in high level greenhouse indoor, this shade screen can shade and cool the greenhouse, saving energy, anti-drip and frost, with advantages of shading, energy saving, ventilation or keeping moisture. The sizes can be customized.
Anti-bird netting as the bird control product is perfect for draping over fruit trees or covering rows of grape vines, can also be propped up to form a bird barrier over vegetables, material in high density polyethylene (HDPE) with UV protection. The using life is more than 3years.
Anti-insect net applies to vegetable cultivation, it prevents pests and diseases with very small opening mesh eyes, strong product strength, radiation resistance, corrosion resistance, as well as non-toxic and tasteless. The material in HDPE and UV protection, color in transparent with good transparency, various opening sizes for choice: 0.07*0.27mm, 0.22mm*0.31mm, 0.27mm*0.77mm, 0.49mm*0.77mm, 0.95mm*1.05mm, 1.35mm*1.35mm, 2mm*7mm.
Olive net is used to hold the olives, hanging between the trees with the strengthen corner holes, or put on the ground around the olive tree. Its material is HDPE and UV protection, any color is available, and various sizes for choice."

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horticultural supplies plant netting
horticultural supplies plant netting "Contact: Shirley Tel: 862150336151 862150336152 Fax: 862150336151 Email: info@jychinasourcing.com Mobile: Plant netting, widely used as agricultur...
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