Spring Spiral Brush

Name Spring spiral brush
Application Strip brushes in special shapes amend the portfolio of the classic strip brushes. In case of spiral brushes the strip brushes are wound – respective filaments facing outward. Spiral brushes are used among others for cleaning, polishing, for applying liquids, for a safe transport and for deburring.
We offer spiral bent strip brushes in various sizes and different back widths and leg lengths. Adapted to the particular application, various filaments are available.
The strip brushes can be twisted into cylindrical rotary spiral brushes where the bristle material can be either twisted outside or inside of the particular roller. Cylindrical rotary spiral brushes have an advantage compared to the cylindrical rotary punch filled brushes - they can be filled more densely.
Model Back width Side height Diameter inside Diameter outside
RB(mm) SH(mm) (mm) (mm)
4 3,7 – 4,2 3,8 – 4,2 20 – 140 30 – 240
5 4,7 – 5,2 4,7 – 5,0 25 – 140 35 – 340
2.5 2,4 – 2,7 2,7 – 2,9 6 – 80 16-180
3 2,8 – 3,2 2,8 – 3,0 12 – 80 18 – 200
8 7,5 – 8,3 8,5 – 9,5 80 – 320 120 – 550
Custom the brush size and material could be changed as your requirement.

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