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TRICONEX  3201   Panel Field Termination Option, 4.5 in (11.43 cm) Width (across DIN rail), 5.729 in (14.552 cm) Length (along DIN rail) and 4.25 in (10.795 cm) Height (out from DIN rail) Simple Type: Termination Panel
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affecting another channel. Each Analog
Analog Input (AI) Modules includes
Analog Input Modules require a sepa-rate external termination panel (ETP)
Analog Input Modules support hot-
backplane. Each module is mechani-cally keyed for proper installation in a
can operate properly with as many as
channel activates the Fault indicator for
chassis alarm signal. The module’s
correct data for every scan.
Failure of any diagnostic on any
Fault indicator merely reports a channel
fault, nota module failure—the module
input channel receives variable voltage
Input Module sustains complete,
modules on demand. In TMR mode,
one value is then selected using a mid-value selection algorithm to ensure
ongoing diagnostics for each channel.
performed in a manner that prevents a
replacement of a faulty module.
Sensing of each input point is
signals from each point, converts them
single failure on one channel from
spare capability, which allows online
the module, which in turn activates the
three independent input channels. Each
to digital values, and transmits the
Tricon chassis.
two faulty channels.
values to the three Main Processor
with a cable interface to the Triconex
Accuracy: < .15% of FSR,from 0° to 60°C
Color Code: Yellow
Common Mode Range: -12V to +12V peak
Common Mode Rejection: -80 dB (DC-100Hz),typical
Current Range: 0-20 mA, 250 shunt
Input Overrange Protection: 150 VDC/115 VAC continuous
Input Resistance: (load) 30 M?(DC), min.
Input Update Rate: 55 ms
Isolated Points: No
Leg-to-Leg Isolation: 200 K?, typical
Module Status: Pass, Fault, Active
No. of Input Points: 32, diff, DC coupled
Power-Off Resistance: 30 K(DC), typical
Resolution: 12 bits
Type: TMR, AI
Voltage: 0-5V, + 6% (only 3700A)
TRICONEX 4329  Network Communication Module (NCM)  
  802.3 Port  
TRICONEX 4409  Safety Manager Module (SMM)  
  Honeywell TDC 3000, UCN Interface  
Model  Product Name 
TRICONEX 4200-3  Primary Module (RXM), 
  Multi-mode Modules (3) 
TRICONEX 4201-3  Remote Module (RXM), 
  Multi-mode Modules (3) 
TRICONEX 4210-3  Primary Module (SRXM), 
  Single-mode Modules (3) 
TRICONEX 4211-3  Remote Module (SRXM), 
  Single-mode Modules (3) 
TRICONEX 5351  Analog Input TriPak 1  
TRICONEX 5352  Analog Input RTD/TC/4-20 mA TriPak 1  
TRICONEX 5381  Analog Output TriPak 1  
TRICONEX 5382  Analog Output High-Current TriPak 1  
TRICONEX 5301  Digital Input TriPak 1  
TRICONEX 5401  Digital Output TriPak 1  
TRICONEX 5402  Digital Output Low current TriPak 1  
TRICONEX 5451  Solid-State Relay Output TriPak 1  
TRICONEX 5481  Pulse Input TriPak 1  

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