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We're a company that professionally engaged in large system DCS spare parts supply.

We supply DCS, PLC, MOTOROLA MVME, Anybus, RTU, IPC, IPC, SCSI (50, 68, 80Pin), AnyBus (Gateway), etc.

They're different InStock products in high quality that we can supply promptly with a fair price.

We also provide safely expresses with responsibility and credit in a fast delivery period.

We look forward to cooperating with you for our beautiful future.


We have Allen Bradley module: 1756 series, 1771 series, 1785 series, 1746 series, 1747 series!


Gould Modicon PCB Board, # AS-S480-207, Rev. B9, Used, WARRANTY


 Monarch-Cortland Indexer Backplane, E61188, Used, WARRANTY


 Sundstrand PC Board, 65000785, Used, WARRANTY


 Sundstrand PC Board, 65000912, Used, WARRANTY


 Sundstrand PC Board, 65000757, Used, WARRANTY


 Ingersoll Rand 93947901 PC Board, 93947919, Used, WARRANTY


 Allen Bradley PC Board, # 8000-KAC, 900034, Used,  WARRANTY


 Square D Weld Control Panel, 8997 EQ5100-DEP 1, Ser. D, Used, WARRANTY


 Elox / Colt Industries Cutoff & Drive ASSY 320013-003 CNC PC BOARD, Used


 Elox / Colt Industries Progressive Cutoff Board 09188-8, CNC PC BOARD, Used


 HP Hewlett Packard Processor Board, # 12156-60037, Used, WARRANTY


 Yaskawa Keyboard, # HMK-3993-09, Used, WARRANTY


 General Electric Controller Board, 44B399870-002/7,  Used, WARRANTY


 Dae Yang Mechatronics Cabinet Fan Cooler Unit, 110V, Mfg'd: 1995, Used, WARRANTY


 Coolant Pump, Tank Top Mounting, 3 PH Induction Motor, TAG MISSING, WARRANTY


 Mitsubishi Keyboard Module Board, # KS-YZ-14A, Used, WARRANTY


 NEW Adleepower 1/2 HP IPM Inverter, AS2-IPM, Mod# AS2-104, 220V, WARRANTY


 Indramat Control PC Board, # 109-468-3207-2, DGAP1061, Used,  WARRANTY


 Indramat Control PC Board, # 109-468-3207-2, SRN 5015-S, Used,  WARRANTY


 Mitsubishi Electrical Cabinet Cooling Unit, # MELDAS-YM2V, Used,  WARRANTY


 Fanuc PC Board, A20B-1000-0950 / 03A, Used, Warranty


 K & T / Gemini D Feedback Subsystem Board, # 1-21276 02, Used, WARRANTY


 Hitachi Seiki PC Main Base Board, Seicos Controller, # TL-A-II, TL-A- WARRANTY


 Hitachi Seiki Ope.Panel PC Board, HC 500, 851500, Used, WARRANTY


 Allen Bradley PC Board, # 1313-40179-016-55, Used, WARRANTY


 Daewoo Puma 12S Mayr EAS-NC Clutch, 1/450.615.0, 0112950 1296, 55 Nm, Used


 K & T / Gemini D Circuit Board, # 1-21255, Rev 3, Used, WARRANTY


 Amada PC Boards, B61140-RTMBD-00 0, USED, WARRANTY


 Measurement Computer 24 Slot Rack Board, # SSR 2603, Used, WARRANTY


 Hitachi Seiki HT-20 Solid State Relay PC Board, # PT DS-01, Used, WARRANTY


 Hitachi Seiki HT-20 I/O PC Board, # PT.TSSI.01, Used, WARRANTY


 ABB Capacitor, 7.5 KVAR, # C484G7.5-3LE, Used,  WARRANTY


 General Electric PC Board, 44A719314-G01,  Used, WARRANTY


 Yaskawa Board for Yaskawa CACR Servo Controller CACR-SRCA03SZSY223 DF8203416-F0


 Mitsubishi CNC PC Board,  MC111B, BN624A813G53, Revision C, Used, WARRANTY


 DF Electric Control Rack Chasis, 6403 40 003300 00, Used, WARRANTY


 Charmilles / Erowa EDM Tool Changer PC Board, 1.060.EPS-A-K029, 1.060.EPS-B


 Sharnoa Tiger V (5) CNC Control PC Board, SE303A, Used, WARRANTY


 Sharnoa Tiger V (5) CNC Control PC Board, SE302, Used, WARRANTY


 Sharnoa Tiger V (5) CNC Control PC Board, SE311A, Used, WARRANTY


 Sharnoa Tiger V (5) CNC Control PC Board, SE 307D, Used, WARRANTY


 Okuma PC Circuit Board, XPS-356R, Used,  WARRANTY


 Texas Instruments Circuit Board, # 2497811, # 2497813, Used, WARRANTY


  OKK Osaka Kiko 3E2101837B, YM9094541, Msignal Card, Used, Warranty


 Texas Instruments Circuit Board, # 2497805, # 2497807, Used, WARRANTY


 Texas Instruments PC Circuit Board, # 2497299-000, # 2497297, Used, WARRANTY


 Texas Instruments PC Circuit Board, # 2497294, # 2497296, Used, WARRANTY


 Indramat Control PC Board, # 109-525-2250b-1, Used,  WARRANTY


 Dynapath S10 CMOS Ram Alt2 Board, # 4201322, Used,  WARRANTY


 Fanuc Base 1 Auxiliary PC Board, A16B-1600-0280 / 02A, Used, WARRANTY


 Fanuc Terminal Unit A02B-0051-C611, W/ Board A20B-0008-0540/01A, Used, WARRANTY


 Okuma OPUS 5000 Main Card 2 Board E4809-045-037-E, Used, Warranty


 Charmilles Technologies Pendant Control Unit, 852463 B, Used, WARRANTY

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