ProName: Octabenzone

Octabenzone (UV-531)

other names:2-Hhydroxy-4-(octyloxy)phenyl]phenylmethanone; 2-HYDROXY-4-N-OCTOXYBENZOPHENONE; 2-HYDROXY-4-N-OCTYLOXYBENZOPHENONE; 2-HYDROXY-4-(OCTYLOXYL)-BENZOPHENONE; CHIMASSORB 81; Octabenzone; UV-531; Benzophenone-12; 2-Hydroxy-4-Octyloxy Benzophenone; Ultraviolet absorber UV-531; 2-Hydroxy-4-n-octoxy Benzophenone; Benzophenone UV Absorber; 2-Hydroxy-4-n-octoybenzophenone; BP-12; Ultraviolet absorbent UV-531; 2-hydroxy-4-(octyloxy)benzophenone (Benzophenone-12); BHSORB-531; 2'-Hydroxy-4'-n-octyloxybenzophenone; [2-Hhydroxy-4-(octyloxy)phenyl]phenylmethanone Benzophenone-12; UV absorber UV-531; [2-hydroxy-4-(octyloxy)phenyl](phenyl)methanone

CasNo: 1843-05-6


MF: C21H26O3

MW: 326.4293

Appearance: Light Yellow Crystalline Powder

Application: Absorbent

PackAge: 25KG Cardboard Drum

Purity: 99%

Melting Point: 47.0-49.0°C

Loss on drying ≤0.5%

Ash: 0.10%

Storage: Store in a cool, well-ventilated area

Minimum Order 25Kilogram

Supply Ability 60 Ton/Tons per Year

Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram

Delivery time: within 3 work days
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