99% Purity Muscle Building Steroids Androsta-1 Powder

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Muscle Building Steroids Androsta-1 is on Sale

Androsta-1 Specifications:

1. Androsta-1 Synonyms: 4-diene-3, 17-dione (Steroids)

2. Androsta-1 English Synonyms: Delta-1, 4-androstadiene-3, 17-dione; ANDROSTADIENDIONE; ANDROSTADIENEDIONE; ANDROSTA-1, 4-DIENE-3, 17-DIONE; (8R, 9S, 10R, 13S, 14S)-10, 13-DIMETHYL-7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16-DECAHYDRO-6H-CYCLOPENTA[A]PHENANTHRENE-3, 17-DIONE; 1-DEHYDROANDROSTENEDIONE; 1, 4-ANDROSTADIEN-3, 17-DIONE; 1, 4-ANDROSTADIENE-3, 17-DIONE

3. Androsta-1 CAS NO.: 897-06-3

4. Androsta-1 EINECS: 212-977-2

5. Androsta-1 Assay: 99%

6. Androsta-1 Molecular Formula: C19H24O2

7. Androsta-1 Molecular Weight: 284.39

8. Androsta-1 Packing: 5kg/tin

9. Androsta-1 Appearance: Nearly white crystalline powder, soluble in alcohol, insoluble

Androsta-1 Usage:

Simplified hormonal drugs, from the testis or urine extracted with the role of a male hormone steroids, norethisterone, testis

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