NPK 15-15-15

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONTECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONITEMSTANDARDNPK 15-15-15Compound Disc GranularNPK 12-24-12Bulk Blend GranularNPK 17-17-17Tower GranularNPK 12-12-12Compound GranularNPK 18-18-18Tower GranularNPK 30-05-05Tower GranularCharacter: Provide basic nutrients for all kinds of crops, irreplaceable nutrients, wide range specifications for different kinds of crops. Different granulation method, to make sure the crops get the correct nutrients, promote growth, increase yield, keep health.       Similar Specifications: NPK bulk blend fertilizer, NPK disc granular, NPK tower granularStandard Package: 9.5KG BAG, 25KG BAG, 50KG BAG, 1.25MT BAG

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