best Prednisolone Base Steroids

99% quality Prednisolone Base steroids(CAS: 50-24-8)
Product name: Prednisolone Base
CAS: 50-24-8
EINECS: 200-021-7
Quality Standards: BP2010/USP32/EP7
Assay: 97.0%~102.0%
Molecular formula: C21H28O5
Molecular weight: 360.44
Density: 1.28g/cm3
Melt point: 240º C
Boiling point: 579.8º C at 760 mmHg
Flash point: 198.4º C
Vapour pressure: 7.36E-16mmHg at 25º C
Usage: Applicable to rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic fever, such as lupus erythematosus, dermatomyositis, multiple myeloma, but also making hydrogenated prednisone acetate.
Storage: This product should be kept sealed in a cool and dry place.
Package: 5KG/TIN, 2TIN/CTN

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