Nandrolone laurate

Nandrolone laurate
Alias:Nandrolone dodecanoate
Synonyms:19-Nortestosterone 17b-laurate
CAS NO.:26490-31-3
Einecs No.:247-739-7
Molecular Formula:C30H48O3
Molecular Weight:456.71
Appearance:White crystalline powder
Grade:Pharmaceutical grade
Laurabolin is oil based injectable steroid, which was intended for veterinary use in animals such as cats, dogs, pigs, lambs and horses. For the life of me, however, I cant imagine a doctor prescribing steroids for someones cat. As with many useful steroids, Laurabolin was never approved or marketed towards humans in the USA.

Laurabolin has a strong anabolic action with minimal androgenic properties and was specifically designed to promote Protein Synthesis without the production of undesired (side) effects. This cellular protein synthesis allows the prevention of protein loss through the urea and promotes lean tissue build up. In animals this compound has also been used to correct metabolic deficiencies, malnutrition, anemia and slow maturation. A Few other characteristics of Laurabolin are maintenance of proper levels of Calcium & Phosphorous, and production of red blood cells . This compound is unlikely to be counterfeited, due to its low demand in the Nandrolone market-place, where Deca and NPP are the reigning champs. Also, Laurabolin is mostly available in Mexico, where it is sold in very low concentrations; wheras Deca and NPP are available from several Underground Labs, as well as major pharmaceutical houses.


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