Sodium Ascorbate

Sodium Ascorbate
Model NO.:BP2008/USP31
Molecular Formula:C6h7nao6
Shelf Time:2 Years
Delivery Time:5-20days After Confirmed Order
Storage:Kept in a Light-Proof,Well-Closed,Dry and Cool PLA
Export Markets:Global
Product Name: Sodium ascorbate
CAS No.: 134-03-2
H.S Code: 2936270000
Molecular weight: 198.11
As the sodium salt of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), it is known as a mineral ascorbate.As a food additive, it has the E number E301 and is used as an antioxidant and an acidity regulator. It is approved for use as a food additive in the EU,USA,and Australia and NewZealand.
Sodium ascorbate can reverse the development of atherosclerotic disease, helps in heart attack prevention.In addition sodium ascorbate plays a significant role in the elimination of chronic and acute infections. Moreover, it is considered to be an anti-cancer agent. Sodium ascorbate produces cytotoxic effect in an array of malignant cell lines, which include melanomacells that are particularly susceptible.

Appearance: White to slightly yellow crystalline powder or granules, odorless and soluble in water.


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