Cinnamon alcohol

Cinnamon alcohol, alcohol Gui
Chemical Name: β -phenyl allyl alcohol
English name: Cinnamic alcohol; Cinnamyl alcohol
CAS No.: 104-54-1
Molecular formula: C9H10O
MW: 134.18
Packing: 200KG / plastic drum
Specification: 98%, industrial grade
Quality Standard: GB FCC IV
Main features: White to light yellow crystals, similar to the hyacinth has a pleasant fragrant gum flavor. Melting point 33 o C. Boiling point 256.6 o C, 42 ~ 145 o C (187 × 103PA), the relative density
(D420) 1.044, refraction of 1.5819, the freezing point ≥ 33 o C; Aldehyde content (in cinnamaldehyde total ≤ 1.5%).
Uses: 1. Medicine: An important pharmaceutical raw materials. Commonly used in the synthesis of cardiovascular drugs, such as the brain and other benefits hydrochlorothiazide. The lung caused by the virus can effectively inhibit tumor; Clinical for leukemia, cancer of the uterus, the egg
Nests of tumor, esophageal cancer and other tumors.
2. Spices: The often shared with phenylacetaldehyde, the modulation Yangshui narcissus fragrance, roses and other floral fragrance perfume perfume essential, also be used as a fixative agent, modifier. Added to the fertilizer
Soap, perfume and chemicals.


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