benzyl benzoate

benzyl benzoate

2.Other name: Benzoic acid benzyl ester; Benzyl benzoate 99+ %; Benzoic acid benzyl ester; Ascabin; Ascabiol; Benylate; Benzyl alcohol benzoic ester; BENZOATO DE BENCILO; Benzoic acid phenylmethyl ester; Benzyl benzene carboxylate; Benzyl phenylformate; Phenylmethyl benzoate; Scabagen; Vanzoate

3.Alias: Benzoic acid benzyl ester

4.Purity : 99%

5.CAS Registry Number: 120-51-4

6.Einecs No: 204-402-9

7.Type: Synthetic Flavour & Fragrance

8.Storage: in dry cool place,keep container closed tightly,well ventilated.

9.Lead time :within 24 hours upon receipt of payment

10.Delivery time : 4-6 working days by Air for quantity less than 200kgs

11.Appearance:colorless to pale yellow transparent liquid


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