CAS registration number 9002-96-4
MF C33H54O5.(C2H4O)n
MW≈ 1513
Appearance: Clear, colorless solid.
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[Character] light yellow to yellow waxy solid . Content ( α- tocopherol total ) ≥ 25%, the biological potency (IU / g) ≥ 373, acid value (mgKOH) ≤ 1.5, a melting point of 34-38 ℃, can be completely dissolved in water , a clear solution is formed , in the maximum solubility in water of up to 23%. In neutral and weakly acidic solution stability properties.
As the water-soluble VE is pure soluble in water , you can add the jelly , drinks ( especially the transparent beverage ) directly on the requirements , dairy products and other foods . As the heat -soluble VE (TPGS) up 199.3 ℃ decomposition temperature and sterilization under heat stable, so ease of use in food production as much as possible . VE performance of the water-soluble emulsifier is benign . It can improve the utilization of fat-soluble functional components absorbed by the body , but also the effect of water-soluble ingredients can pack and fat soluble functional components . Water-soluble vitamin E VE 's active ingredient is more easily absorbed by the body .
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