10161-33-8 teroids Powder Trenbolone Base With High Assay

10161-33-8 Athletes Taking Muscle Building Steroids Powder Trenbolone Base With High Assay
Quick Detail:
Product name Trenbolone Base
Other name17-beta-trenbolone; beta-Trenbolone
CAS register number 10161-33-8
Molecular formulaC18H22O2
Molecular weight270.37
Melting Point170°C
Product description:
Trenbolone is essentially a derivative of Nandrolone with some very significant differences in its chemical properties and strength. Trenbolone and its parent hormone Nandrolone both belong to a class/category of anabolic steroids known as 19-nor compounds, or 19-nors (short for 19-nortestosterone). 19-nor anabolic steroids are labeled as such because they lack the 19th carbon on their structure - this carbon exists on Testosterone and all other anabolic steroids with the exception of 19-nor compounds, such as Nandrolone and Trenbolone.

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