D-Tartaric acid

D-Tartaric acid

Alias: Butanedioic acid,2,3-dihydroxy-[R-(R*,R*)]-, right-Dihydroxysuccinic (-) acid D; tartaric acid Unnatural; D- -Tartaric; acid D-tartatic; acid;D(-)-Dihydroxysuccinic acid; Unnatural tartaric acid; D-(-)-Tartaric acid; D-tartatic acid;
CAS number: 147-71-7
Content: 99%
Character: crystal powder, liquid
Molecular weight: 150.09
Molecular formula: C4H6O6
Properties: melting point 166-170
The flash point of 210 DEG C
Ratio of -12.1 (H2O, c=20)
Water soluble 1394 g/L (20)

Main uses: mainly used in beverage, candy, bread, gelatin, as a sour agent, biochemical reagent, the separation of the compound agent, medical separation agent. Also used in photography, canning manufacturing, printing and dyeing, and the preparation of the ceramics industry as well as other agents and other agents, such as salt, ester, etc.. Used as a medicine separation agent, food additives, such as biochemical reagents. Purpose: This product is widely used in the food industry, such as as the beer foaming agent, food sour agent, flavoring agent for soft drinks, candy, fruit juice, sauce, cold dish, baking powder, etc.
The use of citric acid in a wide range of acid and other foods is similar to that used in the acid. Tartaric acid and tannin combination, as mordant dye, but also for the photographic industry, some developing and fixing operation and its salts with photosensitivity, so it can be used for creating a blueprint. A variety of metal ion complexation, can be used as a cleaning agent for metal surface and polishing agent. Tartaric acid potassium sodium (Rochelle salt) can be prepared Fehling reagent, but also can be used in medicine as a laxative and diuretic. It is also used in the cinchophen intermediates. The crystals have piezoelectric properties, which can be used in the electronic industry.
Packing: 25kg/ cardboard drum or plastic drum
Standard: enterprise standard, BP

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