tert butyl hydrazine hydrochloride

Chinese Name: tert butyl hydrazine hydrochloride

Chinese alias: Tertiary Butyl hydrazine hydrochloride; hydrazine salt; tertiary butyl diamine; tert butyl hydrazine hydrochloride; tert Ding Jijing hydrochloride, 98%; hydrazine salt (tert butyl hydrazine hydrochloride); tertiary butyl hydrazine hydrochloride (special butyl hydrazine hydrochloride)

CAS number: 7400-27-3

Molecular weight: 124.61

Molecular formula: C4H13ClN2

Melting point: 191-194 C (lit.)

Sensitivity: Hygroscopic

BRN: 3651224

Chemical properties:TERT butylhydraziniumchloride products and industrial products are pure white crystal, m.p.191 to 194 DEG C, soluble in water.

Use tert butyl hydrazine hydrochloride, also known as tert butyl hydrazine hydrochloride is a kind of important pesticide intermediate for synthesis of benzoyl hydrazine insecticide RH-5849, Bishydrazide pesticide insect hydrazide (m full, tebufenozide), chlorine tebufenozide (halofenozide), methoxy tebufenozide and methoxyfenozide and ring tebufenozide (chromafenozide) and acaricide pyridaben.

Uses:medicine, pesticide intermediates;Synthetic and pharmaceutical synthetic intermediates, such as synthetic rice mites (Tebufenozide).

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