Tartary buckwheat extracts

Tartary buckwheat extracts
Another Name:Tartary buckwheat extracts
Ingredients: Brass detection methods: TLC
Morphological features: also known as wild buckwheat, buckwheat annual herbs, 30-60 cm tall. Stem erect, branched. Lower leaves long stipitate, leaf blade broadly triangular halberd shape, margin entire or sinuolate; lower leaves smaller. Racemes axillary or students, perianth white or pale pink. Nutlets conical ovoid, with triangular, gray and brown. The flowering period of 6-9 months.
Habitat distribution: semi autogenous found in village, wasteland, roadside Tanabe, etc.. Culture in the northeast of China, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Gansu, Qinghai, Yunnan, sichuan. Asia, Europe and North America have cultivation.
Use: the seeds for food or feed. Flowers for nectar plants. The root and the whole plant medicine, dehumidification, detoxification swelling pain, stomach, treating traumatic injury, lumbar and leg pain, sore carbuncle swollen poison.
Medicinal [ alias ]
[ name ] prescription of wild buckwheat root, Rhizoma Fagopyri cymosi
source:buckwheat plant Fagopyrum tataricum Fagopyrum tataricum ( L. ) Gaertn., the root is used as medicine. Collected in autumn, washed, dried in the sun.
by:bitter to taste, flat.
indications:pain Qi, spleen dampness. Used for stomach pain, indigestion, lumbocrural pain, traumatic injury.

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