Molecular Formula:Al2O9Si3
CAS Registry Number:1318-93-0
Synonyms:Montmorillonite(8CI); AMS (mineral); Albagen 4439; Amcol A; Amcol V; Arcillite; BP 188; BP 188 (mineral); BP ColloidalClay; BPW 009; BPW 009-3; Bedelix; Ben-A-Gel; Ben-A-Gel EW; Ben-Gel 3; Ben-Gel A; Ben-Gel Bright 11; Bentolite L 3; Bentone ND; Bentone SB; Bentopharm; Brock; Clarsol KC 2; Cloisite Na+; Colloid BP; DH 1 (catalyst); DH 2; Dellite LVF; Deriton; Enobent; Envirobent; FMR 02F; Flygtol GA; Furonaito 113; G 105; Galleonite 136; Gelwhite GP; Gelwhite H; Gelwhite H-NF; Gelwhite L; Hydrocol 2D1; Imvite E; Imvite K; KM 1 (mineral); Kunipia G; Kunipia P; Kunipia RG; Lavioplast C; MM 784; Mac-gel; Metaloid; Microtec; Mikawa; Mil-Gel NT; Mineral Colloid MO; Montmorillonite KSF; NB 900; NT 25; NT 25 (mineral); Nanocor IL; Nanocor PGV; Nanofil 116; Nanomer PGV; Nanomer PGW; Neokunibond; Osmos N; PGV 5; PGV-PV178-00; PK 802; Polargel; S-MMT; S-PGW; SCPX 2973; SCPX 818; SG 40; SY 6; Swy 1; Sy 1; Tonsil 414FF; Tonsil LFF 80; Turface; Volclay SG 40; Walkerde; XMP 4;

Chemical Properties
Molecular Weight:282.209991455078
Storage Temperature:?20°C

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