Eprazinone dihydrochloride

Eprazinone dihydrochloride

Molecular Weight:453.44
Molecular Formula:C24H34Cl2N2O2
English Name: Eprazinone Hydrochloride Tablets
Pinyin: Yansuan Yipulatong Pian
Main ingredients: This product is the main component of eprazinone hydrochloride.
[ character ] this product is white sugar coated tablets, remove the sugar-coated tablet core is white or white.
[ pharmacological effects ] eprazinone for both central and peripheral antitussive non-addictive antitussive, main effect on the cough center. The animal experiments show that, the selective inhibition of brain stem reticular medulla oblongata, including coughing centre, its intensity and codeine or similar to its 1/3, 2 times of Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide, 3 times of noscapine. Clinical antitussive effect and codeine product similar to or slightly inferior, but no codeine inhibit peristalsis function. This product has expectorant effect, can make the polysaccharide fiber traits acid glycoprotein in sputum, fracture mucopolysaccharide fiber expansion, has strong effect of mucolytic. In addition, the experimental results show that, the product also has a sedative effect, local anesthetic and antihistamine, anticholinergic effects, can alleviate the histamine, acetylcholine and 5- HT induced bronchial smooth muscle spasm.

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