Triethyl borate

Triethyl borate

Name:Triethyl borate
Molecular Formula:C6H15BO3
CAS :150-46-9
Synonyms:Triethoxyborane; Triethylboratecolorlessliq; Triethyl borate,(Boric acid triethyl ester); Boron ethoxide; Boric acid triethyl ester
HS Code:29209085
Appearance:clear liquid
Standard:enterprise standard
Molecular Weight:145.99
Boiling Point:117-118℃
Melting Point:-84.5℃
Flash Point:11℃
Storage Temperature:0-6°C
Refractive index:1.372-1.374
Usage:Used in special effects and pyrotechnics. Used as a solvent and/or catalyst in preparation of synthetic waxes, resins, paints, and varnishes

price:USD 25/kg

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