XINHAI polycarbonate awning

1. Max. width: 2100mm
2. Standard length: no limit
3. Thickness: 1.2mm- 20mm
4. Colors: clear, blue, green, bronze, opal, etc.
5. Textures: flat, embossed, frosted, prismatic
6. Adding functions: uvioresistant, anti-fog, abrasion-resistant
Our polycarbonate sheet advantage:
    1) Makrolon PC resin from Bayer in Germany.Lexan raw material from GE in America.
    2) UV-PC coextrusion lines (4lines).UV co-extrusion for long far ,we have 4 lines,one for hollow sheet,two for solid sheet,one for PC profile.
    3) ISO 9001: 2008 proved
  4) Light transmission rate up from 25%-88%.Different color and different thickness will result in different transparecy.
5) Customized colors and dimensions available upon request.

1) Change the traditional awning method, which assembled directly with plastic bracket, PC sheet, and Aluminum profile, and can be continually combined with multiple sets, extending freely.
2) Easy installation. No need special fabricated location and labor, only a few workers can be available, which save a lot of manpower and installation cost, and improve the labor efficiency.
3) High impact strength, UV resistance, anti-aging, long weather-resistance, corrosion resistance and other effects.
4) Safety performance: the Awing can withstand 12 typhoons attacking, especially for coastal areas and raining frequent areas. UV layer protection: which keep the Awing properties stably, safety and environment friendly. Strength: the Awing can allow a iron ball with the weight of 4.5 kgs fall on it directly without any broken.
5) Good looking. GOODLIFE keep high quality assurance. And both Hollow PC sheet and Solid PC sheet can be used for sky-lighting material, various colors available
1. High impact resistance, virtually unbreakable
2. High clarity and light transmission
3. Weather and UV resistant
4. Wide service temperature range
5. Good acoustical insulation
6. Easy to handle and install
7. Versatile, formable and machinable

 4.Standard Size of  polycarbonate canopy awning:

Size 1 Size 2 Remark


80cm x 120cm
80cm x 150cm 1 Board,2Brackets,full set accessories
XH800 80cm x 200cm 80cm x 240cm 2 Boards,3Brackets,full set accessories
XH1000 100cm x 120 cm 100cm x 150cm 1 Board,2Brackets,full set accessories
XH1000 100cm x 200cm 100cm x 240cm 2 Boards,3Brackets,full set accessories

5. The Accessories of polycarbonate canopy awning:
1.Sheet:PC solid sheet,PC sun sheet
2.The awning bracket material:PA+Fiberglass Blend
3.Connecting parts: Aluminium profile
4.expansion bolt
6.Infinitely increase the awning supports and free to extend for assembling
7.The innovative awning completely departs from the traditional custom-made welded awnings.The awning is simple in its main structure,which is composed of PC sheet and the awning supports.Being mass-produced and conforming the rigid design standard,Awning is consistence in its super product quality.
8.Can resist (Category 12) typhoons safely
9.Awning is do-it-yourself ready and can be installed easily by homeowners,which totally saves the cost and space.

Company Information
Baoding Xinhai Plastic Sheet Co.,Ltd located in "the important town of the North"Baoding,it's heart of Beijing,Tianjin,Shijiazhuang,economically developed and the traffic is extremely convenient.Xinhai company is a set of research and development,production,sales and construction High-tech enterprise,including XINHAI JINDI TIANYANG three major brands.There are nearly 20 years experiences in this field and mainly specializing in PC Hollow Sheet,Solid Sheet,daylighting tiles and parts with best price and good quality,our customers from different country.Now we are ready to research PC sheet different effect than before,such as to avoid pests,to Strong growth and to improve Crop production to meet different customers' request.
We'll try our best to support our customers' business and hope to establish long-term relationship with you in the near future.
Our ISO Quality Certificate of polycarbonate canopy awning:

Packaging & Shipping
We can offer different kinds of packaging way,such as 5-Ply standards carton box, Complementary Packing Carton Box(With Patent),White carton Box and Cassette Packing Carton Box or Customized.

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