48 Fiber SC/ST/FC/LC Adapters Fiber Optic Splicing And Distribution Unit

CL-ODF-48 FO Splicing and Distribution Unit ,Website:http://www.cabling-pro.com, 48 Fiber SC/ST/FC/LC Adapters CompliantProduct detailsFEATURES:1.   The shell is high intensified & insulated material, thus having excellent      mechanic performance and it is solid and durable2.   Fiber in put:43.   Adapters output:484.   Strength core and shell was Insulation,add with grounding lead5.   Can be installed against wall6.   Full accessories for convenient operationsPERFORMANCE:1.   Excellent design2.   Maximum cores 483.   Fiber lead 、grounding and perfect fixup 、 reliable4.   Pigtail fixup reliable and perfect protection5.   Apply to extensive field6.   Convenient operations and maintenanceSPECIFICATIONS:1.   Environment temperature:-25℃~+45℃2.   Relative humidity:≤85% (30℃)3.   Atmosphere pressure:70~106KPa4.   Insulated Resistance:≥2×10MΩ/500V (DC)5.   Intensity≤15KV(DC)/1minno spark-over and no flying arc6.   Fiber bending radium guaranteed more than 40mm:≥40mmApplication:It is applicable for straight-through connection and diverged connection in aerial layout , duct and direct buried. It can protect fiber connectors.

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